Thursday, March 27, 2008

"I'm Sorry...Did I Get Your Name?"

Am I dreaming? Just last night I tucked my daughter into bed and with a big popsicle smile and those chocolate drop eyes she said to me "Mommy can we have a picnic under our oak tree tomorrow?" I kissed that sweet chubby 2 year old cheek and said "of course we can Princess now go to sleep." Now here's where the story gets weird, I wake up this morning and a grown woman greets me with a smile and pours herself a cup of my coffee. (who does she think she is?) I'm standing there in disbelief when this woman asks me for money... "By the way, don't forget, I need $65.00" she says. "Um what for? " I reply. "For college application fees." Ok so now I am giving this stranger money...what gives? "Oh and don't forget we need to pick out graduation announcements" she says. Now this has gone on too long so I ask, "I'm sorry ...did I get your name?" This woman who is very beautiful, I might add says, "Very funny mom, I love you, see ya after school." She leaves. I'm left standing in my very quiet kitchen all alone when suddenly I realize what Kenny Chesney means when he sings "Don't Blink". Tomorrow she will have her Senior pictures taken and I will stand there and smile while I am dying inside, wishing for one more popsicle smile and teddy bear picnic. Paula