Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Safe Haven!!!

Ladies did you know that there was a whole blog for the married with children Twilight followers? What is this world coming to? Nevermind....count me in!!! I added the link right above my Twilight widget...and to think a few short weeks ago I had never heard of a widget. The Twilight Moms blog is a safe haven for us to go and not hear snickers or see the rolling of eyes when you try to explain the piled laundry, the fact you haven't showered in days because, well, you can't very well read in the shower and where people understand that you asked your children in the middle of chapter 8 "who are you? and why are you calling me mommy?" I feel so much better that while I may not be "normal" I am definatley not alone! Oh a safe haven! I only wish I had known of this blog while I was reading the first book. I'm off to my TAA meeting... that is Twilight Addicts Anonymous...Hello my name is Paula and I have an addiction to vampires.........I found out at my new favorite blog that if you pre-order your tickets on Oct. 31st from Fandango that you will be able to download Edward's lullaby to Bella for free!!!I know I'm sick.