Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rainy Day Project

A friend of mine has started her own consignment business and was looking for a way to display the jewelry she will be selling. I told her to get me some old cabinet doors, scrapbook paper,old drawer pulls(which she will be adding later) and off to work I went. First the paint(only where the wood will show, no need to paint the whole peice) then some chocolate glaze (so fun to work with...thanks for the advice Rene'e)then some glue. By the 2nd one (pictured here) I figured out not so much glue to adhere the paper, let it dry, then glue over the top. My friend was given antique drawer knobs she will attach them and the jewelry will hang from them..too cute. So easy. The cabinet doors she found were awesome because they were sectioned off. If I can get some more I will do one for my daughters new room(birthday surprise) and paint one panel with chalk board paint, cover one with cork, then decoupage the other two to match her new bedding. I don't even scrapbook but I love the paper they offer, it's better than a wallpaper store!!! I will be doing myself a jewelry hanger for my closet makeover(I'll post about that ordeal at another time) I repainted and have gone "crown crazy". My closet now feels like another room in the house. I love it...but it's not done. Have a great day everyone!Paula