Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dollar Tree..the place to be!

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After quitting my job, I have this overwhelming desire to do everything "on the cheaper". I have always been a bargain hunter but now it is a challenge to see what the lowest amount is I can possibly spend. I stole this idea for teachers Valentines gifts from Just a Girl, but found pink hand sanitizer at no other than the famous Dollar Tree it's berry scented and just the right color for V-day.I'll give the larger one to Braydi's teacher and the smaller ones to the ladies in the library, gym teacher, etc. I had been looking for a pen holder for my desk to match my decor, and all I could find were the mesh silver thingys at Staples when I happened upon this cute little plastic cube with room for pictures. A little scrap book paper and a few rub-ons later...voila! A custom pen holder for a buck! I heart you Dollar Tree!