Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm A Mommy Again!

That freaked me out just to type that. I love my children dearly but to start all over again would be to say the least exhausting. So what do I do...hand raise, and bottle feed a baby calf! My father in law raises cattle behind our house and when one of the new mommies wouldn't feed her baby he decided to let nature take it's course...um not a good outcome to say the least. So I jumped in my vehicle ran to the feed store and bought all the necessary supplies. Now I am the proud new mommy of Bella Blue. She is a premature black angus with blue eyes. Once again my wonderful husband was my biggest cheerleader and even offered to put his finger in her mouth to teach her how to suck...by the way in case you don't know calves are born with a full set of sharp teeth (that man must really love me and my hairbrained ideas). It took a couple of days to get her up on her feet but she is doing really well and has the whole family in awe of her. My 11 year old daughter put it best..."Mommy this is the good stuff! I feel so close to God when I help someone (or in this case something) out." Have a blessed day!