Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Featured In Southern Living!

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the December issue of Southern Living yesterday and saw the Knobstoppers I carry in my boutique featured as one of the top 25 gifts of the season! These stoppers are made with vintage door knobs, and old gate finials. They make the perfect gift to bring to the hostess with the mostess that throws that great Christmas party every year. So classy attached to the bottle you give the boss, the newlyweds, or the new home owners. Bottles topped with Knobstoppers look great adorning an unfinished bottle of wine on your counter top, especially if you have a collection grouped together. These are nice and sturdy to be used for generations to come, a great family heirloom in the making. I have them topping my "cooking wine" and get compliments every time company comes. I priced nice wine bags when I was deciding if these would be profitable for me and the bags are $20.00 at Pottery Barn...on sale! And what exactly does one do with those after the gift has been given? I know I have about 5 stashed in a drawer! If you are interested in one of these little jewels leave me a comment and an email address. They range from $20.00 to $32.00 a piece. My motto is "The only thing better than receiving a unique and gorgeous gift is to be the person giving it!" Happy Shopping, Paula