Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seeds of Kindness...

My 10yr. old daughter and I approached the cash register at the grocery store to hear the cashier tell a young man he owed $3.26. The young man who was mentally disabled said sweetly "Okay, I'm not very good at this." He proceeded to count his change one coin at a time with much difficulty. The one thing I noticed is that the young cashier was overly patient with this man who at this time was holding up the line. I thought how unique it is in this day and age for young people to show such patience and kindness. She helped him count $2.14...$2.15...$2.16...$2.17 this is where he ran out of coins and where the man in between us ran out of patience he was looking around for an empty register and showing his disgust in having to wait. The patient young cashier never faultered. The young man asked if he could put one thing back and that is when I looked to see what he was purchasing...3 kits to make necklaces out of the dollar store department. Something came over me and I imagined him threading a necklace with pride perhaps for his mother..God spoke to me and I reached past the impatient man and asked the sweet cashier if she would kindly ring all 3 things on my debit card. She accepted my card with a smile and the young man turned to me and said "Thank you, you did not have to do that." Oh but I did I thought because when God speaks to me, I do not argue. But this is where the real gift takes place, my 10yr. old daughter looks up at me with her big blue eyes filled with tears and says, "Thank you mommy, I am so proud of you, that was a wonderful thing you did." I thought to myself I have spread the seed of kindness to my child and one day she will help another who needs it. I wish I had told the cashier how proud I was of her, hopefully she knows. This post is not a boastful one, but I would love for everyone who reads this to leave me a post, I would like to see how far my seed travels. I challenge everyone to do something kind for someone else today even if it is just a smile or a kind word, it could change their life. God bless you all, Paula

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oldies First...Then We Shop!

I know this is early for fall decor but I have to get all of my oldies out before I can even think of starting any new projects or buying anything new so here is a peek at some of the oldies I have collected over the years. My favorite is my witch legs that my best friend Amy sent me last year... I love them! I had to find a use for the 3 packages of skeleton garland I had left over after my candle sticks so I "creeped out" my dining room chandelier, I can't get enough of that creepy gauze. (what is wrong with me?) I visited Cherry's Jubilee (listed under my favorites) and I have a whole arsenal of ideas for this weekend. Blessings and Smiles, Paula

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"A" for effort?

I have long admired The Nester and Susie at Bienvenue (at the left under friends) and their tassel making talent. As I would never attempt a "real" everyday tassel, I thought "how could you mess up on a scary Halloween one?" So here is my first and probably last attempt at this art form of tassel finery. I found a whole bag of these skeleton heads at The Dollar Tree and had some scrap trim lying around and it matches my candle stick "jewelry". By the way I am not usually a creepy Halloween person but my 15 year old son informed me that he is a little tired of the scarecrow and pumpkin "baby theme" he has had to indure his whole this is for you Trevor!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sneek Peek at Fall...

I found this cute skeleton garland and this yummy gauzy stuff this weekend so I just had to add some Halloween spookiness to my candle sticks. I am off to get my Halloween/Fall tubs so I can get the rest of my decor out. It has been alot cooler here in Oklahoma so I am slowly getting the Fall decorating bug. Have a great day, Paula

Friday, August 8, 2008

One For The Road

My baby brother and his wife left us here in Oklahoma and ventured to Indiana to start their new careers. Since he is 10yrs younger than me I felt like I was sending off one of my own. To take my mind off of the "goodbye" for a while I made them each a "goodie bag" for the road.

1. Starbucks gift card (for the 12hr. drive)

2. Burt's lip balm (both he and his wife and myself are all addicted to this)

3. Reeses cups (the good stuff)

4.C.D. of traveling songs (On the road again, Hit the road Jack, King of the road etc. They called and said they got a kick out of it when they were stranded not once but twice on the side of the road)

5.Toilet paper (I'll just say my brother and I have the same sick sense of humor)

6.Instead of a card I wrote on the back of a family picture so they wouldn't "forget to remember me".

It was hard to see them leave but I know that they appreciated the goodie bag and that they know how much they will be missed. Have a great day, Paula