Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Under Pressure!

I just ordered my fall decor for my boutique last week....nothing like good ol' procrastination. Truthfully when I went to market in January and again in June...I was disappointed to say the least. Nothing reached out and grabbed me. I was beginning to think that maybe I am just a "hard sell" and was setting my expectations way too high when....these gems made their appearance. I knew immediately they were "Oliver's worthy". These wonderful pumpkins made with genuine pumpkin stems and the most wonderful velvet you have ever seen. All shapes and sizes and dozens of colors. I cannot believe I actually said the words "I think I will skip fall this year and invest my money in everyday decor". What was I thinking? I refuse to be the reatailer that carries the same lines as everyone else in town and just cross my fingers in hopes that my displays and price tags will intice someone enough to chose my run of the mill pumpkins over my neighbors. No...I refuse! Even if it is at the 11th hour I strive to bring my customers and clients the unusual and the unique. I will be introducing my fall this weekend at The Market and truthfully am thankful I ignored those voices in my head that were ready to boycott the wonderful season we call Autumn.