Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Decorating with Family Treasures

The holidays always bring in a flood of childhood memories for me. I find it comforting to incorporate family heirlooms and heirlooms "to be" into my holiday decorating. As a newlywed I had a garage sale with my new mother in law and discovered a small box of shiny brite ornaments she had marked to sale for a quarter. When I asked her where she got them she said they were her first ornaments as a newlywed and upon closer inspection I discovered the box was stamped 1969 not only were they her first box of ornaments they hung on my husbands first of many childhood Christmas trees. I imagine my in laws carrying their son to his first Christmas tree to watch their tiny newborn open his eyes to focus on the bright lights and multicolored ornaments. Needless to say that box of shiny brites came home with me, along with their first tree topper. Every year I display these fragile ornaments in a footed bowl that once graced the table of my husbands great grandmother. This year I have draped it with a strand of pearls that my grandmother wore to church on Sundays. There is much history tied to so many wonderful memories in that small holiday display. My cloche holds a tattered book, a baby photo of my father and my prized ornament that my best friend Amy bought for me on her trip to Curious Sofa. This is sure to become an heirloom as time passes and the shine fades. Draped on the book is a vintage rosary. This is the rosary my father carried with him on his tour in Vietnam, if only these heirlooms could talk, what would they say? What have they seen? I would love to hear how you incorporate vintage pieces into your holiday decor.