Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Organizing 101...

The infamous closet project is almost complete! I got hubby to hang my crown knobs (Hobby Lobby) for my jewelry and I got may hang tags made for my canvas totes. (still need to add rub-ons so I will know what is inside each one) I need to make my earring holder and paint my grandmothers jewelry box and I will be done! The mirror that catapulted it all was given to me by my dad. He picked it up at a garage sale and my mother told him to get rid of that ugly thing. Being the kind person I am I decided to help him out and take it off his hands. (needless to was rethinking her request to rid herself of it) Too late! I'll post finished pictures soon. I am having way fun!!! Smiles, Paula

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Heart Joe Spencer!

I love artist Joe Spencer. He is a folk artist who designs and handpaints his characters. He uses tulle and whimsy in all of his designs (with two daughters who dance we are the queens of tulle). Oh and did I mention glitter? I only have small pieces from his collection because he can be quite pricey (even at wholesale) but you can sometimes find pieces on ebay. My Halloween ornaments were pretty affordable at $8.00 a pc. My friend Amy (The Andreani Family at the left under I really do need to learn the whole linking thing) also has a heart for ol Joe, check out her collection. I think my favorite are my witches legs..Amy has the hands too! Here's to a spooky Halloween with style...way to go Joe!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Religious Artifacts....Love Em!

I scored a giant rosary this weekend at a local shop. I have had my eye on it for some time at 30%off ...that baby was mine. I photographed it on one of my tables, but this is not where it is staying. If you guys have any ideas of how to show this treasure off let me know. Do you ever pine away for something and then you get it home and think "Now where am I going to put this?" I also photographed my Dollar Tree pumpkins on my dining room table...Thanks for the tip Susie! Gotta love the ole Dollar Tree. I am hoping to go "House Tour Hoppin' " this week ,if I make it I will take lots of pictures, it is supposed to be phenomenal! Smiles, Paula