Friday, October 10, 2008

Hostess Gift...With Style!
 and your spouse are invited to a Halloween/Fall party and you want to bring the hostess something, but a plain bottle of wine just looks....well...Plain! Here is how you dress it up and show everyone your "style-ish " taste. Go to your area home improvement store and head on over to the plumbing department (stay with me here) get one of these fitters and cut it in half you don't need it to be super thick. Then find some feather trim (I get mine at Hobby Lobby but only with my 40% off coupon) hot glue it around the base of the fitter (I realize this is not the proper name). Then for the show stopper.....The Dollar Tree crow to top it off! I just twisted the metal prongs from the bird around the bottle but I suppose you could hot glue it too. (I just wanted my hostess to be able to reuse her new crow) Then if you really want the crow to look like she is a guest of this dinner party you will need to make sure she is wearing her pearls. This is were all of the broken costume jewelry you keep lying around comes in handy. I just threaded some of my daughters jewelry making beads onto some wire and twisted it onto my crows feathery little neck. The way I look at it anyone can go out and buy a wine bag or bring an "undressed" bottle but why would you want to? Have a Great Day!