Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vinyl and Metal Don't Mix

I finished my sign...finally. The vinyl lettering did not want to stick so once I peeled it off it's backing I had to painstakingly place in on the metal and then I left a brick on it for a couple of days. (not joking) I decoupaged it with a matte modge podge, let it dry and then "antiqued" it. It was a pain to do but I love it and the best thing is, it was on the cheap! (remember the sign and paint were free..I only had to buy the lettering) Not to mention it's like a two for one... the side that you see from my living room into my kitchen says "enjoy your meal" (in Italian) and Pantry on the side that leads down the hall where my pantry is located. That's one project to check off the list now just a couple dozen more to go.