Friday, August 8, 2008

One For The Road

My baby brother and his wife left us here in Oklahoma and ventured to Indiana to start their new careers. Since he is 10yrs younger than me I felt like I was sending off one of my own. To take my mind off of the "goodbye" for a while I made them each a "goodie bag" for the road.

1. Starbucks gift card (for the 12hr. drive)

2. Burt's lip balm (both he and his wife and myself are all addicted to this)

3. Reeses cups (the good stuff)

4.C.D. of traveling songs (On the road again, Hit the road Jack, King of the road etc. They called and said they got a kick out of it when they were stranded not once but twice on the side of the road)

5.Toilet paper (I'll just say my brother and I have the same sick sense of humor)

6.Instead of a card I wrote on the back of a family picture so they wouldn't "forget to remember me".

It was hard to see them leave but I know that they appreciated the goodie bag and that they know how much they will be missed. Have a great day, Paula