Friday, May 1, 2009

A Blogger's Best Friend!

Besides all of the wonderful people I have met through my blog there is something else that I just love....Site Meter! I had this installed over a year ago and would "sometimes" check in, but here lately I have had reason to check it everyday. It is so neat I just wanted to tell all of my fellow bloggers about it. First of all it's free! ( It's password protected and it gives you such insight to your blog and everyone who visits...even blocked IP addresses. You can monitor who looks at your blog, where they live(down to latitiude and longitude) what time they looked, how they logged on to your blog, what pages they visited for how long and even if they read your comments or not. This thing is so interesting I tell ya! For example I had over 100 visits yesterday from as far away as Turkey to as close as a small town here in Oklahoma called Tecumseh (you know who you are). It's amazing to see how far blogging can reach....I have had some friends that have had to shut down their blogs due to their professional photography being stolen so I am glad there is a monitoring system out there, even if I don't have fantastic photographs I like to know who's looking! Thanks to all of you for stopping by I know exactly who you are:)