Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Too Many?

I was so excited to see my friend Susie at Bienvenue (haven't learned to set up a link yet, but you can find her to the left) selling her tassels. They are beautiful! She has plucked one of her tassels with a crown out for me and I am on pins and needles waiting for it. (Susie I hope you got my email)As I type that I realize I may have a problem. (I am also wishing for a few more from The Nester also at the left) So I excitedly tell husband that I am ordering new tassels and he replies (and I quote)...."Do you think you have too many?" I was speechless, so I smiled and said that would be like getting "too many" hugs from your children or having "too many " friends or "too many good hair days"'s just not possible...then he was speechless. And that's how I play the That Was a Dumb Question game without saying "that was a dumb question." Happy Tassels to all of you...may you all have "too many". Paula