Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can I Borrow Your Finger?

I love to give gifts, I love to find "the perfect" gift, but most of all I love to be the gift giver with the "best looking" gift. You know what I mean, you are at a party and the table is covered with gifts, but yours is wrapped so yummy that the gift receiver grabs yours first! Ahhh what a great feeling. I found this lady and she is the master at gift wrapping, she has evolved it into an art form. I mean this lady even takes the well known and loved blue Tiffany box with the white bow to a whole new level...genius I say! The only thing I miss by renting a space at a designer showcase mall is the opportunity to purchase just the right gift wrap, in just the right color, with just the right logo, (with the perfect font) and the perfect ribbon to finish it off. Someday I will get the chance, and when people see my logo on their yummy gift their heart will skip a beat and they will say "Oh my goodness! You didn't? A gift from Oliver's...really?"

all photos from: A Gift Wrapped Life