Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring...Bring it On!

Maybe it's because I have been meeting myself coming and going, but I have definately had writers block lately. Then spring has started to creep in here and there and the world is new again. We have cut the grasses, cleaned the beds, I've cleaned the house, and washed all the cars so I say come on spring...bring it on, I am ready! After the local greenhouses set out all their flowers I will say goodbye to the inside of my house for about 3 months. WooHoo...I can't wait. This is the spring wreath I made a couple of years ago he has faded a bit and could stand some freshening up but I have grown attached to him and I think I'll keep him around a little longer ( wait am I talking about my wreath or my husband of 19 years...). Here's hoping you all have a day filled with the smells of new grass, the chirping of baby birds and the joy of watching this wonderful world we live in making itself new again. Happy Spring, Paula


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Looks so pretty and fresh. Wish I could come to Spring Open House tonight. I can just all the lovely things you must have in your shop!

Susie Harris said...

Love the door and the wreath. Oh , if I was you I would keep the husband! They are hard to come by Have a blessed weekend, Susie

Judy said...

Paula: I'm so glad you found my blog because it gave me the chance to see yours -- WOW! I love how you decorate, display, layer, etc. Wish lamp tramp and I could come to OK (we live about 3 hrs from each other and plan to meet soon) and Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is just up the road in B'ham near my son (we're planning a get together as well). Wish you lived "down south" so we could all meet, I think we all have a lot in common.

I'm adding you to my inspiring blogs. Visit whenever you can and I'll be keeping up with you!

XOXO - Judy

Anonymous said...

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