Monday, March 31, 2008

Yes... I Will Take Those...Thank You!

My mother-in-law was throwing away two of these pots because they were chipping and looking bad. I have been wanting a patio herb garden for a long was my chance. I took them painted them my favorite "Tuscan" color and then took over the small slab of concrete on the side of my house. Voila... a herb garden! (Please pardon the trim around the side door that is on my lovely husbands honey do list.) So many of you ladies have given me inspiration with all of your great finds so I had to try something myself. I thank you, my husband thanks you, and his pocket book thanks you. Paula


Susie Harris said...

You lucky ducky! I never turn down a good freebee, hehe. They came out wonderful. You did a great job on them. I would love to plant some mint . My grandmother always had fresh mint in her herb garden. She would add a little in her sun tea, yum. I miss those day's. Smile's, Susie

Cottage Dreaming said...

Simple trick to the letters..paint pen.LOL Michael's and Jo Ann's carry them in various colors. Then just write. Very easy. Good luck and thank you for passing on my blog.These pots look great. Lucky you,

Mario and Amy Andreani said...

Looks great, I love them! I think your mother-in-law will never recognize them! I'm going to get my pumpkins started soon! But our weather just doesn't want to behave itself! We have a chance of snow this week! AH-AH!!

Take Care,

Judy said...

Don't you love "trash to treasure" projects? The planters look great! Like I always say, paint covers a multitude of sins!!!


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

The pots are beautiful. I've been wanting to grew herbs. Keep us posted on how they do, and any tips you might heve for growing herbs.

Susie Harris said...

Thanks. My Mom went to an auction that was held for this lady that was an artist. Not sure of her name,anyway.... My Mom bought this box of art supplies and art books. It was in that box. You never know what your gonna get at an auction. I had the book for some time now and gave it back to my Mom. I want to say it's just "Tassels". It's an older book. I think in the back of the book it may tell where you can find one. I will call my Mom and get the name for you. It really shows more of the traditional tassels. I like to update mine with new colors and cutie things on the top.They are not hard to make just be careful with the hot glue gun. I have a few boo boo's of my own. Smiles, Susie

Susie Harris said...

hi Paula. Yes it's me again. The book is called "The art of tassel making" it's by Susan Dickens. Hope that helps some. I really didnt use the book much. I read through it but kinda did my own thing. They make it look way too hard when it's not at all. :)Susie

Mario and Amy Andreani said...

Ethan said he would scrape some icing off his donut and mail it to you because, "that's the best part"! Ha- Enjoy your weekend! Oh and I forgot to tell you our snow melted this morning, you know how I feel about that!!!

Miss You,