Thursday, May 8, 2008

Only in Oklahoma

This is what my daughter and I passed on the way home from school today. We are avid Oklahoma Sooner fans so this was awesome. I knew when I built my dream home in the country 6 years ago that my children would have the opportunity to run free, enjoy nature, but learn some! Makes me proud to be an Okie. A Sooner schooner in our front yard..only in Oklahoma.


Mario and Amy Andreani said...

Ethan and Emma got a BIG kick out of this pic! I can't believe this rolled by your house! How fun for you guys!

And speaking of Oklahoma, I just looked at some of the footage from the tornado’s that hit Oklahoma and Missouri on Sat. that was awful. Winds up to 166 mph!!! WOW! I had no idea. I bet you guys are seeing a lot about it in Oklahoma! I know as an Iowan from Oklahoma I have seen first hand just how powerful one can be but to see dozens and dozens of old Oak trees just to be uprooted like that in seconds was indescribable! Not to forget all those homes with so many memories just gone! But like so much that is great about the people in Oklahoma I know that they will pull together and move forward!

Have a good week, Paula!

Susie Harris said...

Hi Paula. I made it back from canton. yeah.... I did hold the crown tassel out for you to take a peek. I posted a bird tassel just to see how it would do. Im always so scared about what to charge for shipping. I live a ways from the post office so its not that easy to just pop in an get a packaged weighed. What I think I may do is just post them. If they like it and think they may want it I will then get an address and pass on the postage . What do you think? Miss ya, Susie H

southern queen bee said...

Well with the price of gas, we will all need one of those!!!

Susie Harris said...

Hey Paula, I feel for you. It's hard to let them grow and go. Im going to hang on to this last year for Jesse. He will be a senior this coming school year and Im sooo not ready. I can only imagine how you must feel. Email me your address and I would love to send you that tassel. No charge. It's a gift from me to you. Thank you for being such a sweet friend.=) Im coming up on my 100th post and Im thinking about giving one away for that so stay tuned. Oh I forgot, here is my email
Take care, Susie