Monday, September 15, 2008

Religious Artifacts....Love Em!

I scored a giant rosary this weekend at a local shop. I have had my eye on it for some time at 30%off ...that baby was mine. I photographed it on one of my tables, but this is not where it is staying. If you guys have any ideas of how to show this treasure off let me know. Do you ever pine away for something and then you get it home and think "Now where am I going to put this?" I also photographed my Dollar Tree pumpkins on my dining room table...Thanks for the tip Susie! Gotta love the ole Dollar Tree. I am hoping to go "House Tour Hoppin' " this week ,if I make it I will take lots of pictures, it is supposed to be phenomenal! Smiles, Paula


The Berry's Patch said...

Your tablescape look great. I tend to move stuff all over the place until I find the right spot. :-)

kathi hardin said...

Hi Paula!
Thanks for your comment on my treat no trick post! I have a small wall in my house with nothing but cross' on it. I love it! And what a GREAT find your rosary was!'s so cool!
Good luck finding that special spot for it. I think it looks good as you have it in the photo.

Ciao! Kathi

Mario and Amy Andreani said...

Wow! Your table display is gorgeous. I need help with mine. I love the idea of displaying the small pumpkins like that... And your rosary is even more beautiful than you described to me.

Miss You!